Top 5 Best Los Angeles Hikes You Can Do

There is nothing we enjoy more that hiking in the Los Angeles area. There is so much opportunity to hike here in L.A. it would be impossible to hike every trail. As we hike and enjoy what we love doing most, we have compiled a short list of the Top 5 Best Hikes You Can Do in Los Angeles. This list is by no means permanent and I’m sure will be ever changing as we challenge and enlighten ourselves as time goes on. If you know of a hike that is better than one we have already mentioned let us know and we would love to do it and add it if indeed it is worthy of a top 5 best hike rating.

5. Vasquez Rocks – Aqua Dulce

4. Big Horn Gold Mine – Angeles National Forest

3. Paradise Falls – Wildwood Canyon Park

2. Sandstone Peak – Circle X Ranch

1. Bridge to Nowhere – Angeles National Forest

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