Malibu Hiking and Exploring Ruins of a Tropical Terrace at Solstice Canyon

Hikes You Can Do Presents, Solstice Canyon Hike in Malibu

Highlights: Ocean Views, Waterfall, Tropical Terrace Ruins, Keller House Ruins, Exotic Plants
Fun Rating: Very Fun
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Distance: ~6 Miles
Hike Style: Loop
Duration: 3-4 Hours
Elevation Gain: 1,000’
Trail Condition: Well Groomed and marked
Shade: Sunny on Sostomo trail, lots of shade on the Canyon trail
Dogs Allowed: Yes, On Leash
Passes Needed: N/A
GPS: 34.03511054105365, -118.74456882476807
Pictures: Click Here for Pictures of Solstice Canyon Hike
Download: Trail Map for Solstice Canyon Hike
Address: 3998 Solstice Canyon Rd, Malibu, California 90265
Directions: From Santa Monica – Take PCH North to Corral Canyon Rd. Take a right on Corral Canyon Rd. There is a 76 gas station on the corner. Its just past Malibu Seafood and the Winery. Head inland for 1/4 of a mile to the entrance of the park on the left. The parking lot is small. On the weekends get there early because it is hard to get a spot, carpooling is also encouraged.
Phone: Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area  (805) 370-2301

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  • The solstice canyone trail is great for someone relying on public transportation. You can catch a metro bus from downtown LA (or wherever you are staying) and you can get dropped off literally 1/4 mile from the trailhead. You can see the 76 gas station when you get dropped off the bus. Just walk toward it, and turn right, and follow signs. I did the solstice canyon hike coupled with Deer Valley Loop and it was pretty challenging for me. The Sostomo trail – leading up to the deer valley loop is quite steep. I made it just fine, but was breathing pretty heavy and I am in moderate shape – not great- but not terrible. But the views of the ocean were awesome from the deer valley loop. If you want to see the ocean you need to go up to this trail. But for someone who did not have their own car – it was the perfect hike.

  • Once your at the top, amazing view of the ocean! Kinda steep though! My favorite part about this hike was seeing the tropical terrace ruins! What an amazing house, and with the waterfall in the backyard what a peaceful place that would have been to live!!!!! Rly cool flowers and places to take pictures!! Lame that you can get fined if your dog is off the leash. They have plenty of signs telling you too. I went early and there was almost no one ….. sooo ohhh well =) we are in the nature my dog doesn’t need to be on a leash!!!

  • It is an amazing hike. The history of the house tells a great story. The trip to the top is a bit steep but it is well worth it. That fine is not cheap so all you people out there be careful. I would recommend following the signs directions. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

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