Hiking the Backbone Trail with the Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council

Hikes You Can Do Presents, The Backbone Trek 2011, 67 miles through the Santa Monica Mountains

Highlights: Once in a lifetime outfitted backpacking trip 67 miles through the Santa Monica Mountains.
Fun Rating: Very Fun
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate/Strenuous
Distance: ~66 Miles
Hike Style: Hike into camps along the trail
Duration: ~6 days
Elevation Gain: ~500′ to 2000′ gain everyday
Trail Condition: Well Groomed and marked
Shade: In the canyons
Dogs Allowed: No
Passes Needed: N/A
Pictures: Click Here for Pictures of the Backbone Trek
Download: Trail Map for the Backbone Trail
Address: N/A
Directions: The hike starts at La Jolla Camp Ground in Point Magu State Park and ends at Will Rogers States Park.
Phone: Santa Monica Mountains Trails Council- Jerry (818) 406-1269 or www.smmtc.org
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