Hike to Hollywood Sign – Hollywood

The hike to the Hollywood Sign trail head sits 8 miles from downtown Los Angeles. The duration of the hike takes place in Griffith Park. This hike starts in Griffith Park and takes you to the top of Mt. Lee behind the fabled Hollywood Sign. To get to the trail head take Franklin Ave. in Hollywood to Canyon Dr. Head North on Canyon Dr. to a small parking lot when the road ends at the gate.

The hike to the Hollywood Sign is a staple hike for many local and non-resident Los Angeles Hikers. This trail is in good condition and is used a lot. This is a trail that is used by everyone from tourists trying to get a closer look to locals trail running, horseback riding and walking their dogs. It is not a very long hike in duration but the grade is pretty steep. It is very common to see many people not prepared for the trek to make it up but need park ranger assistance to get down. One climbs around 600’ in about 1.5 miles. This is also a hike you need to be prepared for the heat. Although in the first stage of the hike one is going in and out of shady patches the majority of this one is dead in the sun. That means from early afternoon to late afternoon the sun is beating down in this south facing mountain. Bring lots of water and be careful bringing people who struggle with steep inclines.

If one likes Hollywoodland History and 360 degree views, Hollywood,L.A. basin and the San Fernando valley then this is a great hike for you. Standing on top of Mt. Lee really puts the size of the Santa Monica Mountains into perspective with the San Gabriel’s towering over one to the east. This is a rewarding hike because one gets to summit the top and get a work out at the same time. Many locals use this trail to exercise. We have never done this but we would recommend doing this in the morning because every time we have done the hike it was very hot. Another good time to do this hike would be after it rains or winds blow the smog out of the valley and basin. This will dramatically improve the air quality and visibility.

We recommend this hike for people who want to get a work out and live in the city. We also like this hike because it is fast, one can bring their dog and socialize with lots of other hikers. If you have in shape friends or relatives in from out of town this is a great short day hike that will tickle them pink if they can handle the heat. The hike to the Hollywood Sign is a must do Los Angeles hike. We here at Hikes You Can do strive to bring you all the information you need when looking for a hike in the Los Angeles area. We hope this has inspired you to go out and check out the Hollywood Sign in Griffith Park.

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