Hike to Paradise Falls – Wildwood Regional Park – Thousand Oaks

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Hikes You Can Do presents; Wildwood Park’s Paradise Falls in Thousand Oaks

Hike to the majestic Paradise Falls.

Highlights: Rock Formations, Nice Views, Indian Cave, 30’ waterfall
Fun Rating: Fun
Difficulty: Easy/Moderate
Distance: 3 miles
Hike Style: Loop
Duration: 2-3 Hours
Elevation Gain: 400′
Trail Condition: Maintained
Shade: Mostly Sunny
Dogs Allowed: Yes
Passes Needed: None
GPS: N 34 13.247, W 118 54.211
Pictures: Click Here
Download: Wildwood Park Trail Map
Address: Wildwood Regional Park, Thousand Oaks, California 91360
Directions: Take the 101 to Lynn Rd. in Thousand Oaks. Take Lynn Rd. north 2.5 miles to Avenlos Arboles and take a left. Take Avenida de los Arboles for a mile. Do a U-turn when road turns into Big Sky Dr. Park in provided parking or on street. Map and Directions.
Phone: Rangers (805)381-2741

Wildwood Regional Park sits 45 miles NW of downtown Los Angeles. The park is in Thousand Oaks and is ran by the Conejo Recreation & Park District. This is a gem of a suburban park just off the 101 freeway. Take the 101 to Lynn Rd. Take Lynn Rd. north for 2.5 miles to Avenida de los Arboles. Make a left and park on the left. You don’t need any special passes to park. The trail head starts just west of the parking lot. There you can pick up a trail map.

Like many hiking destinations in the Los Angeles area this was also a famous place for filming Hollywood westerns and television shows. From the trail head one has the option to take three trails. The most dramatic and fun is the Moonridge Trail. This skinny passageway through the sedimentary rock is the most exciting way into the Arroyo Conejo Gorge. On the way one will get the chance to stop at a reconstructed Tee pee. This is really cool for kids. The Chumash Indians once lived in the area. One can also see evidence of this on the return trip there is a really cool Indian cave one can explore. As you near the bottom of the gorge one will be able to hear the reason for the hike. At the bottom, the stunning Paradise Falls presents itself as one of the most active and beautiful waterfalls in the Los Angeles area. The other cool thing about this hike is that the waterfalls here almost the entire year offering a treat to hikers even during the long dry summer. On your way back on the Indian Creek trail one will see a small sign for the cave where you can explore what was mentioned before. The return trip is a little more challenging. One must climb all the way out of the canyon in less than a mile. It’s a short butt kicker, especially if one has extended the hike by taking the mesa trail first. That’s we did this time on the hike. We started on the mesa trail and checked out Lizard Rock. From the top of Lizard Rock one gets some great views of the park and the Conjeo Valley.

This is a wonderful hike for a few reasons. The terrain is very unique. You get the chance to climb down in a pretty deep gorge. Its a moderate work out on the way back, the waterfall is one the best and biggest and you don’t have to spend all day. This is a great hike to take your kids, significant other, or dog. We recommend this hike all the time for people in the valley or peole who want something mildly challenging with huge rewards. We here at Hikes You Can do strive to bring you all the information you need when looking for a hike in the Los Angeles area. We hope this has inspired you to go out and check out Paradise Falls at Wildwood Park in Thousand Oaks.

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  • We highly recommend always hiking with a buddy all the time but if you had to go alone this one would probably be fine if you were good shape and stayed on the trail. Its a popular hike so there will be other hikers on the trails.

  • Thanks for the comment. No you cannot swim in the pool on this particular hike. You can however swim in the East Fork of the San Gabriels near the Bridge to Nowhere. Take a look at the Bridge to Nowhere episode for more details.

  • Have hike this area in the early sixties many times as we would hike from the house. prior to it becoming a park. There used to be turtles in the creek that we would catch and take home. Other things we would catch were snakes, hawks, owls and crows. Kids would skip school and swim at the falls. Of course this was prior too all the houses being build around the park. There were movie sets located on the property than. One was used for the rifleman and there was a small pond located there. . Large bull frogs would capature our interest as kids. Numerous times we would watch them filming a movie from a distance. Have been back to visit the park twice. One time on my bike, ended up breaking my wrist. Hope too return another day before I get old.

  • My dog Zeus Loved running and sniffing around in the little Indian cave! The view from the top of lizard rock is soooo cool. Out of all the hikes i’ve been on it is so far it is one of my favorites!! Great waterfall for pictures too! All in one hike! Amazingly beautiful!!! Check it out for yourself!!

  • We are glad you liked the hike! We really like this one as well especially in the spring when its a little cooler. This one is truly is a gem. Thanks, Tony! 🙂

  • Thanks to all for sharing, I grew up here, moved to Oregon for 35yrs. and I’m back in TO …..can’t wait to go walk about!

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