Hiking in Los Angeles to the Popular Sturtevant Waterfall in the Big Santa Anita Canyon

Hikes You Can Do Presents, Hiking Big Santa Anita Canyon, an adventure into Los Angeles’s Great Camp Era.

Highlights: Rich history, 60′ flowing waterfall, shaded trail next to stream
Fun Rating: Very Fun
Difficulty: Moderate/The end is Strenuous
Distance: ~9 miles
Hike Style: Loop
Duration: 4-5 hours
Elevation Gain: ~1,500′
Trail Condition: Well Groomed and marked
Shade: In the Canyons- Hot during the Summer Months
Dogs Allowed: Yes
Passes Needed: Forest Service Adventure Pass
GPS: (34.195475416654375, -118.02234649658203)
Pictures: Click Here
Download: Trail Map
Address: Forest Route 2N40, Angeles National Forest, Pasadena, Los Angeles, California 91107
Directions: 210 Freeway to Santa Anita Ave. Head north until the road ends and goes up into the mountains. Continue on the road until your reach the Chantry Flat Parking Lot. Parking on the weekend here can be very bad. Get there very early or you will be forced to park on the road and hike up to get to the trail head.
Phone: Forest Service (626-574-5200)
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  • Did this hike yesterday. I loved it more than the hike to the Bridge to Nowhere, much nicer. Than again I haven’t been to the bridge since summer so maybe it looks nicer? Anyways, lots of great scenery, lots of friendly hikers. I did like how there are camping grounds, great for backpackers, bad for people who don’t want to carry their stuff for a few miles.

  • Just did this hike last week. It was amazing! I had been wanting to do this hike for a couple years now. We went on a Thursday so parking was easy. Unfortunately the Pack Station is closed during the week. It would have been nice to pick up a map and a patch (as I like to get patches where ever they sell them for my backpack) We are headed back this week to do some of the other trails that we didn’t get a chance to do. So far this is the best hike I have done. So glad to have come across this website. On a funny note, we did come across a sign that said Chantry Flats was 6 miles away, when we only had an hour to get back to the parking lot before they close the gates. I don’t know if the sign meant the Gate was 6 miles away..or what…because we got a little worried, started to walk/run only to realize we were about 1/2 a mile from the parking lot. That sign sure did give us a little scare (It was also already very dark). We had stumbled upon a map at the Sturtevant Camp grounds, took a picture of it on our phone, and it helped a lot, since the one on the Big Canyon Website was useless. You can download a better map at http://www.adamspackstation.com

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